Started painting late in life but loving it!

I live on a small farm in Wisconsin and nature is my motivation, guide to color, and the fluidity in the pieces.

Haven't quit my day job...yet.

UPDATE: I've quit my job, moved to a small town in Morocco, opened an art gallery and I also do interior decorating. I took time to create a YouTube video that I hope you'll have an opportunity to watch. https://youtu.be/37_hewIk_CU.  

Thanks to all of people who have be so kind to support me with their kind reviews and with their purchases of my art. 

If you're interested in purchasing my paintings, email me at katdermane@yahoo.com.  View my other websites that offer products that my paintings are on visit the following sites: spoonflower.com/profiles/katdermane; society6.com/katdermane; zazzle.com/psychoidyllic.